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We know that it’s not just hotels and accommodation that have an impact when we travel: we care about the sustainability of destinations we visit too. We also know that where we go, how we spend our money, and what we choose to do while we’re away can add up to make a huge difference.

That is why we have teamed up with partners like Green Destinations that have successfully assessed destinations on their sustainability performance. Our goal is to inspire you with the most sustainable places to visit from around the world, assessed according to a number of industry-recognized criteria. What’s more, we’re bringing you ideas for sustainable travel within a destination too, from organic and zero-waste restaurants, to tours and activities that give back. We’re partnering with inspiring social enterprises, NGO’s and community tourism initiatives to help ensure your travel is for good.


For the best responsible travel ideas we have put together a listing with remarkable sustainable places to visit! Did you know that the destinations with we work are passionate about giving you the experiences of a lifetime in which all stakeholders benefit from your travel. So eat your heart out and check out these little pearls we have found for you!

Paphos, Gyprus home and birthplace of the mystical Greek Goddess Aphrodite
Cape Town, South Africa there is nothing like the sustainable city Cape Town, bustling hub of cultures, cuisines and landscapes.
Costa Rica a stunning green country full with jungles, mystical forests, volcanoes and white beaches.
Kingdom of Bhutan it really exists: a country that is 100% free of neon signs, busy traffic arteries and hectic people.
Otún Quimbaya Nat. Sanctuary, Colombia be surprised by the appearance of beautiful birds and walk through a cloud forest
Isla Grande de Chiloe, Chile an island of great beauty and a paradise for wildlife
Drnîs, Croatia the most beautiful and breathtaking part of Croatia!
Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau, Germany rolling hills, extensive fruit orchards, precious beech forests and dry grasslands
Gozo, Malta an island with paradisiacal bays and turquoise waters
Bali Barat National Park, Bali, Indonesia a wonderful world full of rare fauna and flora
Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, Chile a magical place, where things move at a natural pace
Lake Tota, Colombia the largest freshwater lake in the Colombian Andes
Mali Lošinj, Croatia a city with more than 200 days of sun, 280 km of hiking trails and cycle paths, and a rich biodiversity
Noordwijk aan Zee, Netherlands robust dunes, forests, colorful flower fields and a 13 km long sandy beach
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