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After 5 years of experience in the consumer market, we’re taking the next step and launching the CSR Travel Tool for businesses that have their green heart in the right place. With more than 1.4 million accommodations available in 60,000 destinations at a best price guarantee. We offer the same accommodations and the same price as and, but you also have insight into how sustainable the accommodations are that you and your employees book. In doing so, your company contributes to a cleaner, fair and sustainable world.

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easily book sustainable accommodations for your employees

Nowadays a lot of companies are intrinsically driven to contribute to a sustainable world by making aspects of business operations sustainable where possible. Green energy, LED lighting, waste separation, fair-trade products, FSC paper and electric cars in the parking lot, all measures that companies use to shape the CSR policy. With the CSR Travel Tool we add an extra possibility to this, booking sustainable accommodations. Book a hotel with an ecolabel, and save 2 kg of CO² per guest per night and thereby contribute to reducing climate change. If you use the CSR Travel Tool you book your hotels on as you do for your private bookings. With the difference that every employee has his own login so they can decide themselves which hotel they want to book. Every company has an ‘administrator role’ in which you can manage the bookings of employees. And of course you have insight into how your company performs in sustainable travel. So you will know how much CO² your company has saved!


Benefits CSR Travel Tool:

 user-friendly tool, large selection, best price

 evidence based and verified sustainable indicators

 greener sustainable travel policy and CO² reduction

 sustainability report on travel

 awareness & marketing tooling



It is important to know which ecolabels you can trust. We apply three strict criteria for the labels we work with. We check whether the certification standard is publicly available, the accommodations are audited by impartial third parties and are checked at the hotel itself. We work with 22 eco-certification bodies of the 200 labels that are available in the travel sector, such as Green Key, Travelife, Green Globe and EU ecolabel. All accommodations that are certified through one of our partners can be recognized by the staygreencheck.


the staygreencheck

Is it possible to compare all the ecolabels we work with? Are they all equally good? We regularly receive this question from our customers. Not only do they have to meet our strict criteria, we also check how they contribute to a sustainable travel sector. To determine this, we have compared all the standards of our labels and carried out a benchmark. We checked how these labels score on the four pillars of sustainability. These pillars are management, fair & local, culture friendly and nature & environment. We’ve called the outcome the staygreencheck.

Every accommodation that has been certified by one of our ecolabel partners has the staygreencheck. Depending on whether the label scores on these pillars, the staygreencheck is awarded. For instance an accommodation can score 100% on the pillar nature & environment; so green energy use, waste separation in order, water-saving measures fully integrated, but if they don’t pay equal wages or give women less opportunities, the accommodation does not score well on the pillar fair & local. Do you want to know more about the staygreencheck, just click this link.

But to make it easy for you, we always show the greenest choice first in every city! If you choose a hotel with the staygreencheck and a green foot, you can be sure that it is a sustainable choice.


how do we calculate the CO² footprint per accommodation at

The CO² footprint is calculated using a statistical formula. This formula was developed by the Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUAS), the ANVR in cooperation with and the Dutch tourism sector as part of the project ‘Carbon management for tour operators’ (CARMATOP). We have integrated this model into our dataset to automatically calculate the carbon footprint of all the accommodations we offer. Based on the actual output of the direct electricity consumption of a considerable number of accommodations, an average footprint is calculated per hotel per guest night in kilos. In addition, it has been researched whether there is a correlation between the facilities of an accommodation and the influence on the direct energy consumption of certain facilities in an accommodation. It became clear that there is a direct correlation with about 10 facilities. Moreover, within the algorithm, we have integrated the GHG country specific emission coefficients. We are now working on the third iteration of the algorithm to bring the Carbon Footprint formula to HCMI compliance, the most widely used methodology in the tourism sector. Every year, the algorithm is evaluated by an external party to ensure accuracy.


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