carbon footprint for hoteliers

Together with we can make the tourism sector more sustainable is an innovative hotel booking site that wants to make the travel industry more sustainable. We have a mission to create a transition towards a sustainable tourism sector by pushing the demand for sustainable products in cooperation with stakeholders. We do this by making it clear to consumers and companies where green accommodations can be booked. already teamed up with 30 ecolabels and become the 1st organization in the world who has scored 1.8 million accommodations on their level of sustainability and calculated the CO2 emissions.

The carbon footprint that we present is calculated by means of a mathematical formula. This formula was developed by the Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUAS) in cooperation with and the Dutch tourism sector as a part of the ‘Carbon management for tour operators’ (CARMATOP) project. There are three accommodations’ unique value that we incorporated: direct energy use of accommodation, influential accommodation attribute, and countries’ climate factor. Each part of the accommodations’ unique value part is multiplied to each other in order to get the accommodation carbon footprint score.

Our ultimate goal is to work with the actual figures of the carbon footprint of all accommodations. Therefore, we supply all interested parties with tools to calculate their carbon footprint based on the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI) methodology. HCMI is a methodology and tool which enables hotels to measure and report on carbon emissions in a consistent way. It was developed by the International Tourism Partnership and the World Travel and Tourism Council in partnership with KPMG and 23 global hotel companies. HCMI can be used by any hotel anywhere in the world, from small guesthouses to 5-star resorts. Over 24,000 hotels globally are using HCMI.

We also developed an easy to use online carbon measurement tool called the Hotel Carbon Footprint Calculator. The tool guides you to measure and report on your hotel’s carbon footprint in reliable and consistent way. Not only will you be able to share your sustainability efforts with your clients to meet new market demands, but the improvement of efficiency will also help you to cut costs. For a further explanation about this tool, please visit carbon footprint calculator for hoteliers.


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