How the image of a beautiful sunrise outline of Angkor Wat changed the life of Meg and Ryan

It's difficult to pinpoint when our desire for traveling morphed into an 8 month trip around the world. It could have been the working doc we shared listing all the places we'd each dreamed of visiting. Or maybe it was the moment we first read about Torres Del Paine National Park, in Chilean Patagonia, or saw an image of the beautiful sunrise outline of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Either way, it happened fast.

At the time, we were both working professional jobs, not unhappy, but also not truly happy. Work grew more stressful with each year that passed and the few weeks of vacation we received felt sadly disproportionate to the the long hours spent in the office, day in and day out.

Our relationship, an intense and immediate connection fueled by shared values and the desire to live intentionally, grew quickly. The decision to move in together resulted in combined expenses and steady monthly savings. Every dollar saved went into the World Tour savings plan, as we researched and planned the details of our upcoming adventure. Six months of preparation culminated in us both leaving our jobs, moving out of our home, and selling nearly all our possessions. If we were going to do this, we were going to really do this.


Each with a 45 liter backpack, we boarded the plane from Hawai’i to our first stop, Vietnam. Soon after arriving in Southeast Asia, the idea for Cohica Travel emerged. The website, which began as a blog, was borne of the experiences we had visiting Cambodia, a country stricken by poverty but with people thoroughly full of hope. It was in Cambodia where we found countless organizations working to support the community and provide well paying jobs, training, and education. And it was here that we realized Cohica could act as a platform to share the incredible stories of sustainable and socially responsible travel we would inevitably encounter throughout our trip. If we wanted to support businesses and organizations that are doing good in the world, we figured other travelers would too.

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We were inspired. With our combined experience in the travel sector and education in sustainable development, we set out to create the only complete resource to the best sustainable travel experiences around the world. The site includes destination guides to many of the 19 countries we’ve visited to date, sharing the most innovative and socially responsible hotels, restaurants, and activities in the world, with travelers everywhere. The goal, make sustainable travel easy and accessible for all.

We’re passionate about exploring this beautiful, beautiful world and have a new perspective on what it means to travel sustainably. We can think of no better organization to share our responsible and sustainable travel experiences with than BookDifferent. Look for more stories on sustainable destinations around the world soon!

Note of the team:
We can't tell you how happy we are that Meg and Ryan of Cohica Travel offered us the opportunity to share their incredible stories on BookDifferent. With their experience you can easily get great tips and insights how to travel sustainably with maximum joy and experience and minimum impact on our beautifull planet. Sustainable travel is all about enjoying the enchanting and beautiful destinations based on with respect for nature and human kind.
Inspired about the stories of Meg and Ryan of Cohica travel? Why don't you already check the website of Cohica travel yourself.


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