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Sustainable Transportation Methods


At we want to facilitate you with the right tools that will give you the right information and platform to book the most sustainable accommodations for your upcoming trips.

We thought it would be a wonderful idea to talk about a few sustainable methods of transportation you as a traveler can incorporate while on your trips, especially after two very important and interesting days we had in June. Namely, past World International Bicycle Day on the 3rd of June 2019 and World Environment Day on the 5th of June 2019!


#1 Walking


One of the best ways to explore a new destination is by going on an adventure and stumble upon sights you may have otherwise never been able to discover if you were to follow the traditional touristy path.

Moreover, walking can become a pleasure in your daily routine, besides, it is always amazing for our health.




#2 Bicycles

Here in the Netherlands we are knows for having more bicycles than inhabitants and using bicycles as one of our preferred method of transportation!

This being said, have you already heard of the Fietselfstedentocht also known as “The Eleven Cities Bicycle Tour”? This is more than a century-old sporty tradition that’s been followed here in the Netherlands and that for more than 100 years by sports enthusiasts from all over the place. The Eleven Cities Bicycle Tour usually takes place on Whit Monday. The tour consists of a 235-kilometre route which goes along the Frisian eleven cities, it traditionally starts and finishes in Bolsward.

All this to say, we are a big fan of bicycle rides and try to incorporate this as much as possible into our daily routine. We believe it is a very sustainable and healthy transportation choice.


#3 Trains

More Trains, Less Flying!

Trains are becoming an alternative to flying, especially here in Europe! Europe has an amazing interconnected system of this specific transportation method.

We would love to recommend you to BetterPlaces, they are a travel organization with a social and sustainable mission. In addition to their tremendous commitment to sustainability, they have developed some great alternatives to flying and created some recommendations regarding traveling by train.

“When you fly, your body travels faster than your mind. You don’t have that when traveling by train. You slowly adapt to your changing environment. This is really traveling.” Saskia Griep – Better Places


#4 Subways, Trams & Busses

Many large and medium cities around the world have either a subway, tram or bus system. Each will differ on how they function, so it is important to take some time prior to heading to your destination to go through how they operate.

We therefore came up with the following things to consider regarding public transport;

  • Study the city’s system
  • Research which tickets and passes required
  • Get a map of the city
  • Observe the locals and how they operate with the systems
  • Watch out for peak hours
  • Pay attention to the signs and rules

Finally, public transport is always a great sustainable option to choose from.


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