Your winter holiday in Norway

We give you handpicked recommendations for your stay in the Scandinavian country!

Norway, with its diverse and unique nature, is one of the most popular winter holiday destinations. And rightfully so! The breath-taking landscape includes forest-covered hills, as well as stunning fjords, glaciers and mountains.

Outdoor life and the environment are highly important to Norwegians. They spend most of their time outside, even in minus degree weather. As the inhabitants say: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!” That’s what makes Norway the perfect country for your next winter holiday. Whether you are looking to explore outdoor life or cozy up in one of the many cabins, we got you covered!

Fun facts about Norway

Before embarking on your winter holiday to Norway, it’s best to know a few facts about the country. We won’t bore you with the number of inhabitants, lakes, fjords or how many square kilometers the land covers. Instead, we have 5 fun facts that you probably haven’t heard about before:

  • Norwegians invented skiing about 4000 years ago.
  • Norway has won more medals in the Winter Olympics than any other country.
  • The North Cape is the northernmost point in Europe. It is closer to the North Pole than to Oslo.
  • The movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is based on the Freia chocolate factory in Oslo.
  • Norway is the second happiest country on earth (after Finland).

Winter holiday destinations

Our team picked a few destinations for you to make your winter holiday as amazing as possible. We recommend staying in a Nordic Swan Ecolabel certified hotel to ensure that your holiday has a postive impact as well!


Most people visiting Norway come to the country for its breath-taking nature. If this is you, we recommend two places for you: Tromso in the very North and Lillehammer. Of course, there are many more beautiful destinations in Norway, however, we believe these two to be the most-fitting for your winter holiday in the Scandinavian country.

Tromso is perfect if you are looking to experience the Northern Lights, get a chance at seeing whales and experience the polar atmosphere. Check out Scandis Ishavshotel for your sustainable stay in the city. Book your stay here.

If your winter holiday plan is to be active, then you should consider staying in Lillehammer – the city famous for hosting the Winter Olympics. Surrounded by vast areas of snow, it is the perfect fit for cross-country skiers or snowshoe-hikers. If alpine skiing is more your cup of tea, the town of Hafjell is just a few minutes away and provides you with the best mountains for downhill skiing. For your Nordic Swan certified stay, check out Scandic Victoria in Lillehammer. Book your stay here.


Despite being known for its vast areas of stunning nature, Norway offers quite a few cozy and beautiful cities. If you are more of a city person, then you should consider visiting Bergen. Located in the West of Norway, Bergen provides ever-changing weather, a variety of activities, wonderful restaurants and beautiful hotels. We recommend Scandic Bergen City, certified by Nordic Swan, for your stay in the Norwegian city. Book your stay here.

Northern lights tours – done sustainably

No one wants to sit on a bus with 50 other people, chasing the Northern Lights for hours on end. Your holiday should be relaxing and include unique experiences. That is why we handpicked two independently owned tour operators that focus on authentic experiences.

Fifty degrees North

Chasing Lights

Our tip:

If you are staying in a very northern destination for your winter holiday, the best way to find the Northern Lights is on your own. Rent a car for the day and drive out of the city during the night. Getting away from the city lights is important as they Aurora Borealis can usually only be seen when it’s completely pitch-black around.

Our team’s tips for your holiday in Norway

Next to our tip of discovering the Northern Lights by yourself, we have put together a list of more tips to make your winter holiday in Norway as amazing as possible:

Closed roads

A lot of people are planning to go on roadtrips when they visit Norway. This is the best way to discover as much of the stunning nature as possible in the shortest time. However, you need to be aware that in Norway it starts snowing way earlier than it does in other European countries. In the higher areas, the mountains, it snows even earlier. That is why a lot of roads crossing many of the beautiful national parks are already closing in September. Inform yourself before embarking on your trip!

The cold

Yes, it is indeed as cold in Norway as you imagine it to be. Probably worse. If you are planning a trip to the most northern parts of the country, know that temperatures will drop way below zero. We recommend investing in good thermoswear and a proper winter jacket.

Free cross-country skiing

If you are looking for an affordable, yet fun, activity then you should consider going cross-country skiing! Unlike in other countries, cross-country skiing is free of charge in Norway.




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