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Biosphere Responsible Tourism

Biosphere Responsible Tourism is a recognized brand for certifying both hotels and restaurants, theme parks, golf courses, attractions and more. Their certificates meet the requirements of the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI), which is sponsored by UNESCO.

RTI is an independent organization with the goal of implementing actions and programs for sustainable development in the tourism sector. To achieve this goal, RTI follows the recommendations of the UN Conference on the Protection of the Environment and the guidelines of various programs of the World Tourism Organization and UNESCO on sustainable development and protection of cultural and natural heritage. The Biosphere certification is based on the standards of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the Agenda 2030.

eco certification

In order to obtain the ecolabel, the accommodation has to go through a number of steps. First the accommodation has to establish a Responsible Tourism Policy, which holds an action plan, a staff motivation and training plan, a responsible marketing plan and legal and regulatory requirements. After this first step corrective actions are made if necessary. After the corrective actions the second step is to make a plan towards conservation and improvement of cultural heritage, economic and social development of the destination, and environmental conservation.

Once completed the standard, an external auditor will verify the information provided through online or site audits.


best practice

Los Cauquenes Resort + Spa + Experiences based in Ushuaia, Argentine pledges to minimize the impact of its operation on the environment through continuous improvement and by complying with environmental regulations and abiding by the principles of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism.

  • They participate in the Check Out for Nature program in partnership with Fundación Vida Silvestre (WWF).
  • They organize cultural activities and talk about responsibility issues such as the gathering of garbage on the coast and the preservation of the ozone layer, and on Fuegian wildlife.
  • Their light systems have presence-detecting sensors in service areas. Low-consumption and LED lighting devices.
  • The Housekeeping products they use are eco-friendly. In the hotel’s spa, there are daily controls to guarantee that they use the exact number of products needed to keep the water clean and clear, without waste or pollution.

Would you like to know more about Biosphere Responsible Tourism please visit their website.

You can recognize eco-certified hotels by the logo of Biosphere Responsible Tourism!



Biosphere Responsible Tourism is recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

Biosphere is compliant with following hearts of the staygreencheck:


effective sustainable management and compliance with law

fair & local

fair and equal treatment for employees and destinations

culture friendly

respect for local traditions

nature & environment

taking care of mother earth

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