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bookdifferent.com helps your company implement more sustainable measurements!

As a mission-driven company we constantly aim to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable travel sector. We can clearly see the demand for responsible practices in the industry as more travellers are becoming aware and the market is starting to be more interested in implementing sustainable measurements. That is why our intention is now to reach out to the B2B market, calling all travel companies and corporates to allow us to help them take the next steps. Depending on the nature of your organization, we have various offers for you.



Tour operator tools

We perform sustainable travelscans for tour operators to give them an insight into their supply chain and help them steer towards a more sustainable product offer within their travel company. Using our ever-growing database of more than 2 million hotels, of which 14,000 are certified by one of our partner-ecolabels, and all have a calculated carbon footprint, we performed these scans for many big players in the tourism industry, like EXO Travel or Corendon. bookdifferent.com also allows you to integrate the green data in your own system to make everything easier.

tour operator tools

Sustainable business travel

More and more companies nowadays are intrinsically driven towards a sustainable world and aim to integrate this into the broadest sense of their abilities to their business and management strategy. Now we see that a lot of businesses want to integrate responsible practices in their travel as well and this we can help you with! By executing a sustainable travelscan for the accommodations you book and offering the green data as either a data-add on to your TMC or supplying you with access to our CSR Travel Platform, you can easily book the most sustainable hotels for your business travels.

sustainable business travel

Hotelier tools

We at bookdifferent.com get questions from hoteliers all the time about how they can implement more responsible practices and be part of bookdifferent.com. That is why we wanted to give you, as a hotelier, all the information in one place and help your accommodation become more sustainable. bookdifferent.com can help your hotel reach your sustainability goals by (1) working together with more than 30 hotel certification bodies and (2) offering a carbon footprint calculator for hoteliers.

hotelier tools


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