Advisory Board is an innovative hotel booking site with a mission. The goal of social enterprise Bookdifferent is to make the tourism sector more sustainable by motivating consumers and companies to book green hotels and stay at green destinations.

By applying smart algorithms to the 1,400,000 accommodations database, Bookdifferent is able to translate sustainable information and characteristics of hotels and destinations into easy-to-understand and easily accessible information for travelers. This makes it easy for consumers and businesses to opt for a sustainable destination or to book a hotel room with a limited impact on the environment. By creating demand for sustainability, this sets the sector in motion and it becomes economically attractive for other parties to invest in sustainability. Bookdifferent works with evidenced based indicators that are developed and controlled by external parties.

These green and social indicators are the heart of Bookdifferent. These must be objective, data-driven and transparent for the users and the sector to exclude greenwashing. The knowledge and expertise of the advisory board of Bookdifferent is necessary to do the right thing in this innovative field and to excel in it. This advising and controlling objective body is important to anchor the mission of Bookdifferent now but also in the future.

purpose of the Advisory Board

The advisory board aims to validate and control green and social indicators and quality marks used in the tourism sector. For Bookdifferent, it is the green and social compass by validating and controlling indicators that Bookdifferent uses to achieve its mission. In addition, it checks whether these indicators conform to industry standards, are methodically correct and are properly integrated on the platform. The foundation also validates the social aspects associated with the Social Entrepreneurship of Bookdifferent.

The Advisory Board advises Bookdifferent about:

  • The methodologies and starting points and the quality level of the indicators that Bookdifferent uses (green and social)
  • The correctness of the implementation with Bookdifferent of the indicators
  • The methodologies and starting points and the quality level of new indicators that Bookdifferent wants to develop in the future
  • The publication of the progress on the indicators and the social year report and the developments in this
  • Trends and developments from the market with regard to the expertise areas and the possible implementation of this with Bookdifferent
  • Opportunity’s from the network


Daan de Vries is Chief Innovation & Technology Officer at Rainforest Alliance, since its merger with UTZ. He has worked on sustainable agri-food and timber supply chains for over 15 years. He led the UTZ cocoa program in its first four years, which has become the largest sustainability program for cocoa worldwide (touching 600,000+ small farmers in 2016). He initiated UTZ’ first mile program for digitisation in smallholder supply chains. Before UTZ, he worked in sustainability and strategy consulting and in business development roles. Daan has travelled wide and far and is inspired by Bookdifferent’s purpose to make travel and tourism contribute to a better world. Daan holds an MBA from INSEAD and a MSc. mechanical engineering at Delft University of Technology. @VriesDaan

Johan van den Akker is the founder of Progitecture, an independent consultant on technological transformations. He has extensive experience in delivering complex technological change in multiple industries. Educated in econometrics and computer science, Johan has a strong focus on data science and data driven systems. His main driver is to leverage digital technology to improve organisations, and society as a whole.

José Teunissen is Dean of the School of Design and Technology at London College of Fashion, UAL, and Professor of Fashion Theory. Besides she works as a curator for a.o the State of Fashion Arnhem 2018.  José is currently a board member of the Dutch Creative Industries Council in the Netherlands. From 2002- 2016 she held a Professorship in Fashion Theory at ArtEZ where she established the Centre of Expertise Future Makers, a centre dedicated to new making processes in fashion and design. José previously worked as a journalist for several Dutch newspapers and Dutch broadcast television, and was curator Fashion and Costume at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht (1998-2006).

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