team bookdifferent is a Social Enterprise, committed to making travel – and the impact of the tourism industry – better. For us it’s not about making a quick buck, we’re in it for a better world.

our story was founded in 2012 in The Netherlands (aka Holland), probably one of the greenest countries in the world! After all the time we spend cycling around, we feel that being green is close to our hearts, and we want to see that reflected in travel too.

We believe that travel is a wonderful thing and allows us really to appreciate the beautiful planet that we have, but we also believe that the impact of tourism today is a little scary. We don’t want to see more islands being closed due to pollution and overcrowding, instead we want to help people choose a better way to travel. For us, that starts with choosing accommodations that do their bit to take care of the environment, their people, and the communities they are located in.

our mission

Offering travelers insight in the level of sustainability of accommodations and destinations around the world by creating social and economic value for these accommodations by becoming green.

our vision

Creating a better world by developing sustainability awareness among travelers and accommodations. Booking an accommodation through will make the world green while you sleep.

our values

Maybe we sound like idealists, but we’re not a ‘fluffy’ lot. is open, honest, and data/fact driven to keep things as simple as possible for our customers. We take the ‘greenwashing’ and mystery out of sustainable travel so that it is easy to understand and possible to make a truly green choice. We care about impact over profits. We believe we are a force for good in the global travel industry, and we bring proof that sustainability can be an economic driver for businesses around the world.

our team

We all love traveling and enjoy every bit of it. Working at means that each of us can grow and develop in doing what we are good at, each in our expertise and strength. This gives us a lot of energy and we share a lot of laughter together! All curious souls with a heart for innovation and change! Together we can make the world a better place!





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