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BookDifferent lists 2 eco-labelled hotels in Thessaloníki, Greece. These accommodations are eco-certified by Green Key. If these eco-hotels do not suit your needs, we have listed a total of 74 hotels in Thessaloníki. For every hotel we have calculated the carbon footprint per room per night. If you want to stay sustainable, choose a green hotel with a low carbon footprint. All our hotels have a best price guarantee.

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BookDifferent lists 74 hotels in Thessaloníki, Greece, all with a best price guarantee. If you would like to book sustainable, choose a hotel with a low carbon footprint.

This is a selection of our 74 hotels in Thessaloníki. For an extensive hotel search in Thessaloníki detailed by price, carbon footprint, district, hotel facilities etc., more pictures and sorting options, check this page:

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Thessaloniki enchants with its vibrant life

The city of Thessaloniki encompasses well preserved relics of the past telling stories of glorious history and beautifully nurtured cultural life full of great festivals, spectacular events and unforgettable parties. Embark on a tour through the past exploring the remains of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, visit the Upper Town to see impressive colorful old houses and cute narrow streets or try the Turkish public baths. Stroll through the waterfront and witness marvelous views of the bay where the nightlife and the numerous entertainment options keep the spirits always high. Known as the Greece’s cultural capital, Thessaloniki enchants with its vibrant life, outgoing spirit and picturesque scenery.

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