Green hotels in Marseille, France

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  • 260 hotels in total

BookDifferent lists 3 eco-labelled hotels in Marseille, France. These accommodations are eco-certified by Green Key. If these eco-hotels do not suit your needs, we have listed a total of 260 hotels in Marseille. For every hotel we have calculated the carbon footprint per room per night. If you want to stay sustainable, choose a green hotel with a low carbon footprint. All our hotels have a best price guarantee.

More hotels in Marseille

BookDifferent lists 260 hotels in Marseille, France, all with a best price guarantee. If you would like to book sustainable, choose a hotel with a low carbon footprint.

This is a selection of our 260 hotels in Marseille. For an extensive hotel search in Marseille detailed by price, carbon footprint, district, hotel facilities etc., more pictures and sorting options, check this page:

Marseille, the oldest city of France

Since Marseille is the oldest city of France, there is a different aura to it, which is charming, of course, but more than that it is mesmerizingly evocative of the past times. Some of the great historical sites in Marseille are Jardin des Vestiges, Chateau d'If and Le Musée des Docks Romains. However, there are a lot of urban ingredients such as designer hotels, art galleries, stylish restaurants, hip shops and new trams to appease a yuppie. Do check out the very delicious Chocolatière du Panier, which is a handmade chocolate shop, Le Café de la Plage, which is a beachfront bar, and Le Trolleybus, which is an energetic dance club.

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